House Stumps and Hollowware | Wheelbarrows

Code No.DescriptionUomUnit Weight
8110020No. 20 Utility Fully Assembled WheelbarrowEach12.68
8110065No. 65 Contractors Fully Assembled WheelbarrowEach20.68
8110070No. 20 Wheelbarrow CKD Kit OnlyKit12.68
8110080No. 65 Wheelbarrow CKD Kit OnlyKit20.68
8120020Wheelbarrow Tyre 400 x 8Each1.00
8120025Wheelbarrow Tube 4.80/4.00 x 8Each1.00
8120030No. 20 Hand GripsEach0.00
8120035Wheelbarrow Axle Split Pins M4 x 45 ZPEach1.00
8120040Wheel Rim complete with BearingsEach1.00
8120045Wheel Rim-1 Pc. New StyleEach1.00
8120050No. 20 CKD Accessories KitKit0.00
8165010No. 65 CKD Accessories KitKit0.00
8165015Pneumatic Wheelbarrow Wheel CompleteEach1.00
8165025No. 65 Hand Grips - 27/25mmEach1.00
8165030No. 65 Hand Grips - 32mm int Dia.Each1.00
8165045Old Style Wheel BearingEach0.00
8165050Heavy Duty Wheel Bearing 6205 2RSEach1.00
8170015No. 20 Wheelbarrow Axle BracketEach0.00
8170020No. 20 Wheelbarrow AxleEach0.00
8170025No. 20 Wheelbarrow FrameEach0.00
8170035No. 20 Wheelbarrow Leg BraceEach0.00
8170040No. 20 Wheelbarrow Long Cross MemberEach0.00
8170045No. 20 Wheelbarrow LegEach0.00
8170050No. 20 Wheelbarrow Short Cross MemberEach0.00
8170055No. 20 Wheelbarrow TrayEach0.00
8170060No. 65 Wheelbarrow AxleEach0.00
8170065No. 65 Wheelbarrow FrameEach0.00
8170070Wheelbarrow Front StaysEach0.00
8170075No. 65 Wheelbarrow Leg BraceEach0.00
8170080No. 65 Wheelbarrow LegEach0.00
8170084No. 65 Wheelbarrow Tray"Embossed ATLAS Png"Each1.00
8170090No. 65 W/barrow Left Hand Axle BracketEach0.00
8170095No. 65 W/barrow Right Hand Axle BracketEach0.00
8170098No. 65 Tray Flatsheet 1.0mm x 1240mmSheet0.00
8170100No. 65 Tray Reo Wire 8.00mm x 2.711m BlackLength0.00
8175010M8 Bolt/Nut Cup Head Zinc Plated 20mmEach0.00
8175014M8 Bolt/Nut Hex Head Zinc Plated 20mmEach1.00
8175016M8 Bolt/Nut Hex Head Zinc Plated 50mmEach1.00
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No.20 Utility Fully Assembled Wheelbarrow
No.20 Utility Fully Assembled Wheelbarrow
No.65 Contractors Fully Assembled Wheelbarrow
No.65 Contractors Fully Assembled Wheelbarrow