Fencing | Star Picket

Code No.DescriptionUomUnit Weight
5505005Fence Droppers -WW Steel BDL25 94cmBundle0.00
5505010Fence Droppers -WW Steel BDL25 107cmBundle0.00
5505015Fence Droppers -WW Steel BDL25 117cmBundle0.00
5510010Steel Star Pickets 1200mm / Bundle of 10BDLE24.00
5510015Steel Star Pickets 1500mm / Bundle of 10BDLE30.56
5520020Steel Star Pickets 1800mm / Bundle of 10BDLE36.00
5530030Steel Star Pickets 2100mm / Bundle of 10BDLE42.00
5540040Steel Star Pickets 2400mm / Bundle of 10BDLE48.00
5550050Steel Star Pickets 2700mm / Bundle of 10each54.00
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Star Pickets
Star Pickets