Expanded Metal

Combining high security ratings with style, Atlas Steel PNG’s Expanded Metals range are available in many sizes to suit all the popular applications. And because we know PNG, Atlas Steel PNG Expanded Metals come in the right finishes to meet PNG’s demanding environmental conditions.
Code No.DescriptionUomUnit Weight
2380005Gridmesh (GR50110) 2300 SWM x 750 LWMSHEET32.00
2380010Gridmesh (GR50110) 2300 SWM x 900 LWMSHEET39.00
2380015Gridmesh (GR50110) 2300 SWM x 1200 LWMSHEET50.00
2380020Gridmesh (GM50075) 2000 SWM x 600 LWMSHEET26.00
2380025Gridmesh (GM50075) 2000 SWM x 750 LWMSHEETS33.00
2380030Gridmesh (GM50075) 2000 SWM x 1200 LWMSHEETS44.00
2380031Gridmesh (GM50075) 2300 SWM x 900 LWMSheets52.00
2380035Louvremesh (L0848) 2400 SWM x 1200 LWMSHEET5.00
2380040Gothic Mesh (BN3032) 2400 SWM X 900 LWMSHEET12.00
2380045Gothic Mesh (BN3032) 2400 SWM x 1200 LWMSHEET16.00
2380050Gothic Mesh (GB30320) 2400 SWM x 900 LWMSHEET8.00
2380055Gothic Mesh (GB3032) 2400 SWM x 1200 LWMSHEET11.00
2380059Galvanised C916 LG 2400 SWM x 1200 LWMSHEET15.84
2380060Galvanised C916 LG 3000 SWM x 1200 LWMSHEET15.84
2390030Hot Dip Galv. Steel Gratings 30mm x 100mm x 5.8mSHEET227.00
2390040Hot Dip Galv. Steel Gratings 40mm x 100mm x 5.8mSHEET177.60
Expanded Metal Diagram
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