For the last 30 years, Atlas Steel Fencing has been providing boundary and security solutions to the residential, industrial and commercial sectors and is considered the most reliable and top-quality local fencing supplier of Papua New Guinea. Our fencing is made in PNG and conforms to AS 1725/ BS 1722 or equivalent.

Chainmesh, Picket, Palisade and High security fencing are the 4 most popular fencing systems that Atlas Steel PNG fabricates and supplies.

At Atlas Steel Fencing, our standard supply includes minimum Grade 250 steel for fencing components with upto 600gm/sqm galvanized coating. However, we also offer steel in other grades and finishes to suit different desired applications. All Atlas Steel Fencing systems come complete with gate posts and related accessories.

Chainmesh Fencing:

Strength, durability and affordability are some of the advantages that this fencing offers and is the preferred choice for many small, medium or large enclosures. 

Built using galvanized posts, this fencing provides good visibility and its performance can be enhanced by adding top and bottom chords to form a secure framework for the mesh. Fixing two or three rows of barbed wire on top of the fence offers added security.

Chainmesh rolls are offered in galvanized or PVC coated steel wire in different heights to suit various usages.

Picket Fencing:

This is another value-for-money, widely preferred fencing system offered by Atlas Steel PNG and is popular for securing public facilities, commercial and industrial properties as well as schools and sports complexes. 

Fabricated using square hollow sections (SHS) this fencing is offered in different heights and either galvanized or primed finishes.

Sliding or swinging gate options are available for this fencing system and it comes complete with all related accessories.

We can manufacture this fencing system to suit any custom design.

Palisade Fencing:

This is the most popular and highly effective security fencing system and recommended for securing public work facilities, commercial and industrial establishments, sports facilities, defense sites and transport facilities. 

PNG Correctional Services, Royal PNG Police (RPNG) and many foreign funded charitable facilities have used Atlas Steel Fencing for securing their premises.

Atlas Steel Fencing is also a proud partner to National Airports Corporation and PNG Port Corporation for securing many airports and sea ports across Papua New Guinea.

Comprising of fencing pales, posts and rails this fencing is offered with a bare metal thickness of 2.5mm and 600 gm/sqm hot-dip galvanized coating to withstand extreme weather conditions including corrosion.

This fencing comes with self-breaking security nuts and an option of adding razor wire for additional security to the perimeters.

358 High Security Fencing:

This is the strongest and top-of-the-line security solution offered by Atlas Steel Fencing. 

It comprises of a high-tensile 358 security mesh fixed between heavy-duty steel posts to create an extremely difficult barrier to penetrate.

This type of fencing is used to secure airports, Embassies & diplomatic mission posts, high end accommodation, high-risk industrial sites, detention centers and prisons. This fencing has been supplied to both Buimo and Bomana prisons.

358 High Security fencing comes with self-breaking security nuts and an option of adding razor wire for additional security to your perimeters.

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